Friday, March 13, 2015

Casualty of War: Fallen Soldier, Study 1

Here is my next attempt in the Casualty of War series: Fallen Solidier, Study 1. The photo is at the top, and my interpretation is on the bottom. I like the wash effects of the walls and floor, and the hint of a soldier entering the room. I do not like how the fallen soldier came out; he is kind of cartoonish. I also need to work on perspective.

The struggle continues.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Art Show!!!

[Click images to enlarge]
My art show was called "Changes" and according to the Library Board it was the best attended ever with 40 people! I was disappointed, because I had sent out 90 invitations. But apparently there was a snafu at the post office and many invitations did not reach their destinations on time or at all. Notably, my mother did not receive hers until one week after the event, even though I sent it two weeks before hand! In any event, it was a local hit, and the show was extended through the New Year!
I handed out minibios that I prepared in advance that described my brain aneurism and how I couldn't do my art for almost 10 years. Then I described how I overcame that and my confidence issues by doing the watercolor "Chinese Wet Market". My thinking was, after doing all of these beautiful works of fish, if I couldn't paint a pile of fish heads, then I just don't know. But it took a lot of support of very good friends to get me through it.
The minibios also described each piece in the show, the media used, the date it was done, and how the piece came about. This way, questions were more interesting and probing.
I also hold the distinction of being censored. The piece below, "Casualty of War", was at the opening, but not allowed to be in the show, because the Board felt it might upset some of the Veterans. [?]

I got enough compliments on my work to last a lifetime, that is for sure. I had a great evening and was very tired.

My thanks to Sean, who framed all of my new works himself.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Miniata Groupers, Chinese Wetmarket, Singapore

This watercolor painting is called Miniata Groupers and is from the Singapore series. Click to enlarge.

It is based on this photograph that I took on my trip to Singapore in 1996 at the Chinese Wet Market. This was a tank of live miniata groupers.

The painting was an exercise in watercolor washes and gradients and was tons of fun. I drew the tank and fish and then painted the water and the painting sat for a long time before I got up the nerve to paint the fish. But once I got started, I was okay and couldn't stop.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Casualty of war, 2009

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Here is a new piece of art that I just finished this morning. I had an inspiration a few days ago and have worked on this solidly since then since I feel that stopping our operations in Iraq is way more important than sharing my trip to Singapore. The reason is that we are losing lives of our brave American men and women, plus Iraqis are also being killed. We need to get our asses out of there as soon as possible to end the dying. In the famous words of Edwin Starr "War, What is it good for? Absolutely nothin!"

Cattle statues, Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore, 2009

This is a watercolor painting that I just completed this morning. Chiaroscuro in style, it is of the two cattle statues that detail the cornerstone of the Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple at the corner of South Bridge and Pagoda Streets in Singapore. I took a picture of the Temple when I was there in 1997 on business, and decided that the cattle would make for a great watercolor painting. So, I searched the web and found the photo below in a flickr album.

One never sees architectural details like this in the United States! I am blessed that I had the opportunity to travel to Singapore and see this and thus make this painting. I will continue to make paintings from my travel to Singapore.

Chinese wet market, Singapore, 2009

Here is a new work that I just completed yesterday! It is called Chinese Wet Market, Singapore. I used a photo that I took from my visit to Singapore in 1997 as a model for the work (below).

Unfortunately the colors are washed out in the photo of the painting and are brighter in the original work.

This is my first major work since my brain surgery almost 10 years ago and it was really a trial. The medium is both watercolor and India ink and if you click to enlarge, you will see that I give a nod to my past pointillism days. The painting is 16 x 12 inches.

Hooray for me, now I am a painting fool again! I am excited an happy with many works going!

Koi in Holland Market, Singapore, 98/09

Here is yet another work that I completed yesterday. If you click to enlarge it, you will see that it took eleven years to finish this work. Much transpired in those years!!! Below it is the photo that it is based upon. We also use a version of the photo for printing our bank checks.

Unfortunately, the camera was not kind to this watercolor painting. The background is a lovely light blue and the fish a delicate yellow. Perhaps you can see that I finally figured out how to use my new brushes in the fin work on the 3 fish left upper center of the painting and the red and white one towards the bottom.

I feel that this work is graphically strong and very pretty even though there are some mistakes in it.

This painting is now owned by Francesco & Damien who reside in Madrid, Spain. It was gifted to them for their wedding day.