Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Art Show!!!

[Click images to enlarge]
My art show was called "Changes" and according to the Library Board it was the best attended ever with 40 people! I was disappointed, because I had sent out 90 invitations. But apparently there was a snafu at the post office and many invitations did not reach their destinations on time or at all. Notably, my mother did not receive hers until one week after the event, even though I sent it two weeks before hand! In any event, it was a local hit, and the show was extended through the New Year!
I handed out minibios that I prepared in advance that described my brain aneurism and how I couldn't do my art for almost 10 years. Then I described how I overcame that and my confidence issues by doing the watercolor "Chinese Wet Market". My thinking was, after doing all of these beautiful works of fish, if I couldn't paint a pile of fish heads, then I just don't know. But it took a lot of support of very good friends to get me through it.
The minibios also described each piece in the show, the media used, the date it was done, and how the piece came about. This way, questions were more interesting and probing.
I also hold the distinction of being censored. The piece below, "Casualty of War", was at the opening, but not allowed to be in the show, because the Board felt it might upset some of the Veterans. [?]

I got enough compliments on my work to last a lifetime, that is for sure. I had a great evening and was very tired.

My thanks to Sean, who framed all of my new works himself.